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OUT NOW on Hadra Records – Sleeping Forest – Rise of nature

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OUT NOW on Hadra Records – Sleeping Forest – Rise of nature

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♦♦ OUT NOW on Hadra Records – Sleeping Forest – « Rise of nature » ♦♦


Lisa-Marine, aka Sleeping Forest, is a newly welcomed ambient artist on Hadra Records.
Her music combines influences from psychedelic rock and world music within the precision of electronic music.
Her debut album 'Rise of Nature' is about to be released on Hadra Records. The atmosphere developed is both haunting, melancholic and epic and her compositions are full of emotional melodies and evolving layers of synthesizers. It contains heady rhythms close to dub music which puts in relief traditional drums and melodic arrangements that remind many musical styles such as classical, progressive rock or soundtracks.
She also uses many samples of nature that bring total immersion into her very own universe. This album has been created to touch and rock its listeners into a world of fullness whose only Sleeping Forest has the secret.

Ref. : HADCD34
Release : February 12th 2013 
W&P by Lisa-Marine Caterino
Artwork by Nikolapin ( nklp[at] )
Mastering by Clément @

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- Beatport : ... ix/4179944

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