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V.A. - HADRAVISION 2 (Hadra Recs)

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V.A. - HADRAVISION 2 (Hadra Recs)

Postprzez hadra » 22 Cze 2013, 10:55

V.A. - HADRAVISION 2 (Hadra Recs)

Four years after the release of Hadravision, the very first ambient downtempo compilation from Hadra Records, the second volume of the series is finally launched.
This new release proposes a deep contemplative journey, which will delight both fervent amateurs of this genre as well as those seeking new acoustic discoveries. Sysyphe, leading artist from the ambient section of the label, meticulously constructed a compilation oozing with soft, appeasing and enthralling atmospheres. Hadravision II will take you on a ride packed up with emotions. Respecting the label’s customary tradition, international artists such as Olexa, Astropilot, Odiolab and Erot have teamed up with label producers Sleeping Forest, LovPact and Sysyphe himself. Together, they will completely immerse you into Hadra’s unique psychedelic ambient soundscape.
This album is avalaible on our website :
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